Pipe covers

Coatings available

Teknisol pipe covers can be customised with a range of coatings to enhance their insulating and performance characteristics.



Aluminium mesh

Embossed aluminium


Are you seeking a customised solution, designed, prototyped and manufactured especially for you?

Teknisol manufactures pipe covers in various thicknesses, diameters and sizes – either plain or coated in materials to enhance their application qualities in specific insulation and insulation situations.

We also produce customised solutions, specifically created for projects that cannot be satisfied with traditional solutions offered on the market.

For any special request, we are even able to produce customised products for use where standard solutions do not meet the customer’s needs.

Fields of Application

  • Industrial 90% 90%
  • Maritime 80% 80%
  • HVAC 10% 10%
  • Passive Fire Protection 10% 10%

Pipe covers available in various diameters and heights

Permitted materials


Expanded Polystyrene


Phenolic Resins


Cellular Glass

Glass Wool