TEKNO-FIRE is an EI 120-certified thermal mat made of 100 kilogram/m3 bio-soluble fibre felt with a classification and/or operating temperature of 1100° C and covered with 400 gram/m2 non-combustible fibre fabric. It can be used to protect the following from fire and heat:

  • Horizontal service ducts and/or vertical generic ducts
  • Inspection panels in steel sheeting (600 x 450 mm) on electrical conduit protection ducts
  • Water pipes
  • Gas tubes
  • Compartments or protections produced requiring EI 120 characteristics

Installation is quick and easy, adapting to any type of solution since the sections are cut directly around the installation. The fastening of the individual sections or between the various sections is achieved by means of aluminium adhesive tape.

Its special features render it easy to install and replace, ensuring reduced running and maintenance costs. In addition, the installation does not require the shutdown of equipment whilst maintaining continuity of service and production.